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Scaramouche is a gray wolf character in the comic Alex A. Fawkes. She is Alex Fawkes' best friend and Anubis's soul mate.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Scaramouche is an anthropomorphic wolf, silver in color, with shoulder-length brown hair and purple glasses. She usually is worried about something or other, and is often slumped in appearance because of this. She wears a wire ankh around her neck on a black cord at all times- Anubis's first present to her. She is somewhat stocky, but doesn't mind. Her fur is pale compared to her hair, and according to her sister, her complexion leaves something to be desired. Scaramouche does not care about that, however, as she always looks at personality before looks. She is nice, and likes to talk to people she trusts, but seems shy to those outside. However, if she feels that she can trust somebody, it's immediate. She is a strict vegetarian, but does consume dairy products.


Anubis Fandango[edit]

When Scaramouche noticed that Anubis Fandango read Douglas Adams' works, it was love at first sight. The pair have a lot in common, such as their mutual love of British humor, classic rock, and fantasy, be it RPG's or nicely-written books. Even though they live together (and, even though she technically sleeps in another room, wind up sleeping together) they have not gone any further than intensive cuddling. They can often be found on the roof of the building, where Anubis's brother built a zen garden when he stayed over.

Alex A.[edit]

Alex put a classified ad in the paper for an apartment-mate; what she got was a friend for life. Some call them Pinky and the Brain, others call them Oh God Not Them Again, but no matter where they are wreaking havoc (Wal-Mart, the mall, the Sears Tower, New York City, or anyplace else), Alex A. and Scaramouche are on identical wavelengths. They can even tell what the other one is feeling at the moment, something that can be very difficult sometimes. They also share a deep love of Queen and David Bowie, although Scaramouche has never wanted to bear the children of either.

Family Ties[edit]

Queen wrote a song about Scaramouche's family. It's called Tie Your Mother Down. With her alternate tastes, she has never gotten along with most of her relatives, especially the maternal side.


Cherry is Scaramouche's mother, a shrew. While it is obvious that she only wants the best for her daughter, her definition of the best equals money, good looks, the color pink, rap/bubblegum pop music, and a tight body. Her only appearances in the strip have been the Thanksgiving episodes, in which she tried to either make Scaramouche change clothes, take off her necklace, marry a rich plastic surgeon to the stars (ten years Scaramouche's senior) or lose weight. Usually, Scaramouche says nothing until her mother leaves, after which she slams the door and yells a witty reference to something Cherry wouldn't understand. Usually, it's "Well, Freddie Mercury would think I'm beautiful!"


Scaramouche and her father always had an uneasy peace, but that was never really broken. Mostly because he works in Antarctica treating penguins and sends the money home.


Scaramouche has one thing to say about all of them: "They all look like long-haired little dicks. I'm genetically tested to be one-hundred proof wolf. WHY WON'T MY PARENTS TELL ME THE TRUTH?!?"

One of her sisters, Bubbles, is a cheerleader. She is scared of Scaramouche's predator friends, and when they were little, Scaramouche told her that she had paid a lion to come and eat Bubbles. Bubbles has been afraid of cats ever since.