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Sazume by Feralise.
Sazume Neox by Sazume.

Joshua, also known as Sazume and Ritsuka, is a fursuiter.

Fandom involvement[edit]

From involving himself in conventions by volunteering his time to helping out in the local Metro Michigan area, Sazume is seen doing what he can to help out in any community. "I'm a just a nobody," he told us during this interview.

As far as things go, Sazume does whatever comes to his interests. "Be it drawing, photography, making music," he said, "anything artistic that comes to mind will almost immediately grab my attention." But for a more general sum, Sazume spends most of his time working two jobs (a full-time and a part-time). When asked why he just said, "I really don't have anything to do between conventions. So, why not make some money on the side?" His main interests include playing Magic the Gathering, playing his guitar, and meeting new people. "I'm not much of an interesting person outside the fandom. I work so much, I'm lucky to even get time to do anything aside from attending cons."


Sazume is a dragon with tiger-like characteristics. He came into creation when the artist decided to fuse two of his favorite species together, a tiger and a dragon. Before developing his character, Sazume used to be a human character. "Back in high school," he told us, "I had a character that I used to role play named Suzakame, later his name changed to Sazakume, and then I finalized it on Sazume. I liked it a lot. So, when I made my fursona, then name followed and stuck."


Sazume mainly attends the Midwestern conventions due to it being close to home. His list of conventions include FurSquared, Motorcity FurCon, Morphicon, Anthrocon, Indyfurcon, Furlaxation, Youmcaon, and Midwest Furfest. When asked about his jobs conflicting with conventions, he laughed a bit and said, "My bosses love me. I'm great at what I do, I rarely have ever taken a sick day, and I have a positive customer review. If I say I want to go to a convention, I tell my bosses and they'll make it so."


"I first started out drawing anime characters in high school," he said, when ruffling through his old sketches. "I was only around that time when I found out about furries. So, I looked them up, learned how to draw a bit more. I look back at my art then and see it now and am amazed at how much I sucked back then." His style favors an anime style that he began doing later in the fandom. The inspiration of drawing came from his high school days as he first learned that he had a small skill in it. His first time sitting in Artist's Alley at Furry Connection North 2011, he began to do a small series of "derp badges." "I didn't know that they would start to become a bit popular," he said, "but people liked them. That started me out in drawing more in the fandom."

Along with art, Sazume created a page dedicated to his own photography. Stating as it was something he always wanted to do, he started taking specific kinds of shots for fursuiters during a convention. An assisted "Selfie" he called it. "Basically, I take the camera and place it in the suiter's hand with their arm outstretched and take the picture." It started during Anthrocon when he had taken a picture of a fursuiter friend.

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