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Sazume Neox by Sazume.

Sazume (born 1990) is an amateur anime artist, furry artist, and photographer. He is an active member in the MIFur forum website and attends various meets.


[edit] Fan activites

Sazume spends most of his time drawing on the computer or spending time with his local Michigan friends. If not, then he could be found taking photographs of nature and people or riding his bike. He likes to play Yugioh and Magic the Gathering, and sometimes participates in local tournaments. He spends a lot of time jumping from one hobby to another, be it drawing, collectible trading cards, making music, or working with computers.

[edit] Conventions

Sazume has attended Furry Connection North 2010 and 2011, Anthrocon 2010, IndyFurCon 2010, and Midwest FurFest 2010. He volunteers at these conventions. He is currently a staff member at Anthrocon.[when?]

[edit] Artstyle

Sazume by Feralise.
Having a knack for drawing anime, Sazume had drawn furries since before joining the furry fandom. He became engrossed in drawing male furry characters upon joining Fur Affinity in November 2006. From then on, he begin drawing more furry artwork also going into the more mature and adult artstyle, and that's when his dragon character was created.

Before coming into the furry fandom Sazume had already been drawing anime styled cat boys.

[edit] Fursona

Sazume is a dragon with tiger-like characteristics. He came into creation when the artist decided to fuse two of his favorite species together, a tiger and a dragon.

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