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SawGunner Xu Neox (known as Saw or Gunner for short) is a red anthro dragon who comes from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. Currently lives in Sulphur, La..

SawGunner is a DJ on Second Life at Club Carnage, as well as Paws Up Radio. He mostly plays Industrial, Darkwave, Metal, Rock, and Pop. He has been on Second Life since the summer of 2006, under the name of SawGunner Xu. Prior to early 2009 he was absent for over a year due to computer problems, then started a new account under the name SawGunner Neox.

He is also a musician IRL and has original songs posted on MySpace as well as Furry 4 Life; his primary instruments are bass and synth. He has made remixes of Industrial songs and working on sound collages and experiments in sound. Currently, he has gone back to his rock roots, and has been working on covers of KISS songs, and original 'Horror Rock'.

SawGunner also has a small collection of furry fan fiction stories, and does stories for other furries for free. They can be found on sofurry and his Fur Affinity page.

Character Description[edit]

Other dimensional Winged Red Anthro Dragon, his body is red scales, but his tummy and his paw pads are black. He has three toes on each footpaw, and three fingers and a thumb on his forepaws. His claws are rainbow colored, and is always bare pawed. He isn't very tall for a dragon, but makes up for it with a large wingspan. Prefers three styles: Cybergoth, Heavy Metal Leather, and casual hippy wear.

Alternative Fursonas:

Horskey (monkey/horse hybrid) male herm fursona- Stronger and taller than other monkeys, stands upright. Orange/Red fur, with dark tan skin. Very friendly and easy going.-black loincloth or denim shorts, never wears shoes (can't find any that fit, and needs toes to grip vines and tree branches)-very good tree and vine swinger, thanks to his prehensile tail and toes. Enjoys cooking. Has some magic abilities, that he only uses occasionally.

Bull/Cow herm- black and white cow print fur, over 6 feet tall. Usually wears overalls or cutoffs with a tshirt or shirtless in the summer. Has plantigrade feet instead of hooves.

Doxy: (donkey and fox hybrid) 6', large grey male herm, has plantigrade 4 toed feet instead of hooves, wears overalls or loincloth. Grey fur for the body, shins and wrists have brown shaggy fur that cover the tops of the paws, wrists and ankles. A long donkey tail, with a big fox fluff ball on the end. Head is in the shape of a fox's, but has a large snout like a donkey, and donkey mane, extra large ears.

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