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Savage Turtle Studios' homepage banner

Savage Turtle Studios is a fursuit-making studio created in 2007 by Quaylak and her husband, Jakejynx. They are located in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

The studio began by offering artwork and small fursuit commissions for tails, paws, ears, and feet. After producing several pre-made partial suits to sell, the studio began accepting commission work for fursuit heads and partials. They began accepting fullsuit commissions in 2011. The Studio typically creates fursuits in a toony style.


Savage Turtle Studios has been attending Furry Weekend Atlanta and Anthrocon as dealers since 2008.


Louie the Lion partial--10% of the sale price was donated to the con charity, Conservators' Center Inc.

The studio regularly contributes to the charities featured at the conventions they attend. Typically, 10% of the price of a partial fursuit sold at the convention is donated. They also regularly donate fursuit pieces and other items to the convention's charity auctions.

Following the 2011 Japan Earthquake, the studio organized and participated in a large multi-artist charity auction that raised $885. The funds were donated to the Japanese Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and Direct Relief International.

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