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Sasha Winterforest Shadoweye (also known as SashaWS and Doctor Alexis W.S.; Real name: Alexander Bäckman; born January 27, 1990) is a furry who lives in Knivsta, Sweden. [1] Born in Upplands Väsby outside of Stockholm, Sweden.


In real life, Sasha got expelled during his second year at SPUNK (a high school for students with study problems) in Uppsala and lives at home with his parents. He likes martial arts and video games, referring himself as a "game-addicted male slut".

He also is having a passion for all with computers and can be often found on MSN as busy, tending to help others with problems, blaming it all on his friendly nature. Sasha has been working as everything from cleaning-man at the local grocery store to teacher in website design. [2] He is right now working as a computer technician at the local web and computer provider in his region. [3]


Sasha's fursona is a gender-shifting chimera. Hir true appearance is not known, but shi can appear as a dragon (mostly male, female, shemale or herm), a gryphon (mostly male) and a panda (mostly male).

Sasha's scales/fur are mostly golden-yellow, while hir front is citrus-yellow, shi got blue hair/mane on hir head that stops at the neck and grows along half of the tail. Shi has a big purple tattoo on hir back, on the wingbase, and has also got a purple tattoo on the left buttcheek that is enchanted to change with gender. As demon, Sasha tends to become nightmarish purple (purple like from nightmares), and grows an extra pair of eyes and hir hair/mane gets a black-red look. Hir entire body is covered in tattooes that shi can show at will.

Sasha's choice of clothes varies with hir gender, but shi often wears a red bikini under a red, half-transparent dress. Shi also wears fingerless silk-covered leather gloves and a gold pendant of taijutu. [4]

Second Life[edit]

Sasha can be found on Second Life under the name Vic Fouroux. Vic Fouroux is a wandering spirit who never finds a job at SL, or keeps it for about a week before getting fired. Sasha also owned the accounts Evridiki Zapedzki and Sasha Guardian, but gave away them to friends. [5]


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