Sarn Darkholm

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Sarn Darkholm holding a sword.

Sarn Darkholm (born April, 1981) is a furry artist who lives in Whitesburg, Georgia, U.S.A.


Sarn's fursona is a slime creature that usually takes the form of a blue anthropomorphic wolf, but can assume many shapes, including, but not limited to, horses, skunks, snakes and bats. His height, when in wolf form, is 5'9".

Sarn usually keeps to himself because he has been burned by "friends" in the past. He can be hot tempered and has been known to be quick to anger.


Sarn draws extreme art, including scat and diaper art. His interests include collecting knives, movies, books, and Transformers toys. He is mated to Whitewulf.

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