Sarafina (character)

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Sarafina is the mother of Nala in The Lion King. Her name is never said during the movie and she has only one line: "Hmm... What do you think, Sarabi?"

Her character is further developed in many pieces of fanfiction and The Lion King-themed multiplayer worlds.

The lack of information about Nala's parentage has led to much speculation on who Sarafina's mate and Nala's father was. Two of the more common theories are Mufasa or Scar, but both of these imply incest between Simba and Nala. Other theories include a rogue lion and a king from another pride, which would explain Nala's betrothal to a prince as a royal arrangement.

The one line was voiced by Zoe Leader in the English version of the movie. It has become a running joke in the Lion King fandom; when a fan doesn't know what to do in a situation, he or she will sometimes ask out loud, "What do you think, Sarabi?"