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The contraction "Saph" is also used by the costumer Sapphire.

Saph, also known as Saphron and Saphy (real name Richard Thomas; born January 30, 1986 in Osage City, Kansas),[1] is a furry who lives in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.[2]

His hobbies include Dungeons and Dragons, live action theater, stage performances, makeup art, and writing.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Saph has been involved in the furry fandom since 1999, he is the main administrator and event planner for The PDXFurs Group since 2010, and a strong influence in the Portland furry community. He is a staff member for Furlandia,[3].

Saph is an IRC user on FurNet's channels #PDXFurs, #seattlefurs, and #eugeneorfurs, and a player on Furcadia under the username Saph. His primary form of communication is Facebook and e-mail.


Saph's fursona is a Florida panther.


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