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Sanity (other names include Alyx and Monroe; born March 26, 1994) is a furry artist who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her fursona is a White-Tailed Deer/Siberian Husky hybrid.

[edit] History

In 2007 Sanity lost her father, thus her later (during the same year) appearance in the furry community to find others who could better understand her and cheer her up. Her original fursona was a Sable Antelope known as Akita, and has gone through many fursonas.

On September 15, 2011, she lost her mother, leaving her orphaned at the age of seventeen.

[edit] Activities

Sanity is openly lesbian and goes to Toronto Pride every year, trying her hardest to get into the parade, either on a float or walking.

Sanity is a full-time student but, in her free time, takes commissions to save up for a fursuit.

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