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Jadeclaw extended Ironclaw with numerous races and martial arts

Sanguine Games, originally known as Sanguine Productions, is the publisher of furry roleplaying games. Its director is Jason Holmgren.


Ironclaw and Jadeclaw were explicitly made to be furry versions of standard roleplaying games. Ironclaw has a late medieval/renaissance theme (wheel-lock gunpowder weapons, passions and elementalism, rise of nationalism, etc.), and Jadeclaw has an early China theme (Chinese zodiac animals, Taoism, warring states, etc.).

The *Claw system is a multi-polyhedral dice pool system; the six attributes include the classic Body/Speed/Mind/Will split, as well as Race (from a setting-appropriate list) and Career (roughly equal to class, also from a setting-appropriate list). Six dice (d4, d6, two d8s, d10, and d12) are divided among the attributes; points are paid for some additionally powerful races. After assigning the attribute dice, 20 points are spent on skills (from 1 point (d4) to 5 points (d12)) and gifts (variable). Up to 10 extra points can be gained from disadvantages.

In play, all relevant dice are rolled, and the best is used. Race and Career dice, as well as automatically applying to a particular list of skills, also may apply to other situations if the GM calls for it (a city guard may add his Warrior die to his Appraise die if he is appraising armor, for example). The system for bonuses and penalties are complicated, and do not stack (i.e, all bonuses must be taken into account before applying penalties).


Ironclaw 2nd Edition premiered a more “streamlined” version of the previous rules. All Gifts have a flat cost of 10 XP and Skills cost 4 XP to raise one dice size. Species and Career point costs are eliminated in favor of each coming with three Gifts. And magic is tied to Gifts rather than Careers.

The system was later adapted to Myriad Song, a “retro” sci-fi setting with both humans and animal-based aliens, and Urban Jungle, an anthropomorphic setting inspired by film noir.

Other products[edit]

In 2004, Sanguine Games produced the current edition of the Albedo RPG, known as "Platinum Catalyst". In 2005, Sanguine acquired the license to the Usagi Yojimbo (RPG), formerly held by Gold Rush Games.

In 2016, Sanguine Games produced Urban Jungle (game)|Urban Jungle, a furry tabletop role-playing game set in the roaring 20's

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