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Samui Shiiba (born September 18, 1986) is a kitsune otherkin from Elmhurst, Illinois, U.S.A., and is the owner of the community Kitsuria Network.


Samui was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and lived there until mid-2006 when he moved to Sacramento, where he lived until late 2009. Financial problems prompted him to move to Bremen, Indiana in November 2009, where he stayed for four months. In February 2010, he moved to Elgin, Illinois, where he stayed until late 2013. He currently lives in Elmhurst, Illinois.


Samui has attended several conventions:


Samui Shiiba[edit]

This is Samui's main character, which represents his inner self. He is a six-tailed fennec fox with icy blue fur. The fur on his chest and on the tips of his tails are white. He has seafoam green eyes, which occasionally change color. As his name implies, his strength lies in the cold. He is tuned to the water and wind elements, though most of his abilities involve the use of ice. Without proper hydration, Samui is unable to withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures. He has the ability to size-shift, however the tallest he can be is his normal height of two and a half feet in his nonmorphic form, and six feet in his anthropomorphic form. He uses this ability to shrink himself for evasion or stealth.

In Pokemon themed roleplay, Samui takes on the form of a Glaceon, which is very similar to his kitsune self. Depending on where he uses this character, the similarities would be limited to whatever the theme allows.

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