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Samael (also known as Warlord 101) is a furry artist who lives in Scotland.[1] Their fursona is a yellow dragon with a white chest and abdomen.

Much of Samael's artwork involves fat furs and vore.

So Sorry (Undertale cameo)[edit]

Wanting to support the development of the independent video game Undertale, Samael donated 1000$ for its kickstarter, getting the "Fan Troll" reward.[2]

For this reason, their fursona appears in the video game as So Sorry, a hidden boss fight. They are the monster that can reward the player the most money in a single fight (300g) of the whole game. Their boss fight is non-canon to the video game story, and looks more like an easter egg.[3] Their in-game name, appearance and design of some of his attacks as So Sorry were his ideas that the game creator Toby Fox used and developed.[4]


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