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Salvatore is a series of anthropomorphic Franco-Belgian comics by Nicolas de Crécy, with colors by Ruby and Walter.[1] NBM Publishing are publishing English translations, with translator Joe Johnson.



  • Species: ? (dog?)

Salvatore is the main character of the comic. Salvatore is a gifted mechanic. Set up shop at an altitude of 5000 feet to have some peace. His parents worked at a service station (a gas station with repair garage) named Conok Oil .


Amandine is very nearsighted. She was pregnant with 13 piglets, although before they were born she thought there were only 12 inside her.

Roger the Pork[edit]

Father of Amandine's children. He was honest and a dependable worker. He died before the children were born, with his decapitated head ending up with an apple in his mouth in what might be a butcher's shop.


  • Species: pig

A son of Amandine and Roger. Has a keen eye. Soon after he (and his siblings) were born on a rooftop he jumped down into a Wikipedia:Fountain:fountain and wandered off.

The other piglets[edit]

Offspring of Amandine and Roger.

  • Bernadette: Adorable and adored.
  • Bernie: The strongest one, not mean but ready to walk over the others.
  • Jeremy: Introduced as "weak and naive, [and] a little stupid"
  • Justin: Sly.
  • Pamela: A little grouchy, but with a heart of gold.


  1. Credits in Salvatore vol.1: Transports of Love say "Colors by Ruby and Walter".

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