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Salmy by Panda Paco
Born 4 October 1973[1]
Profession or hobby Entepreneur, System Administrator, Website developer, Lawyer
Character species cheetah

Salmy Cheetah is a furry who lives in Madrid, Spain.[1] His fursona is a sixteen-year-old cheetah.[2]

Salmy was originally a character created in 1997 on Tapestries MUCK and he's most easily found on Salmy Cheetah's profile on Inkbunny.

Website activities[edit]

Salmy has been involved in the running of several furry-oriented websites. The first website he built was Disneymania, a comprehensive encyclopedia of all Disney animated features. He maintained it under his nickname KDJ from 1996 to around 2007, when he joined the staff to help with the site and community's modernization. In 2009 he moved on from Redlobo to co-create Furry Madrid, which he still hosts and helps administer. In late 2011 he joined Inkbunny staff, where he is a developer and administrator. He also conceived the Welcome, Fur! site, which has been discontinued, and created and maintains the FurAffinity to Inkbunny transfer tool.

Muck Activities[edit]

Besides using them as a regular player with plenty of characters on each, he worked as a wizard on African Tails MUCK as Pandja (1998-2000), where he also played the role of the feature character Pumbaa, The Lion King MUCK as Karani (February 2002 - February 2005), and also created and mantained Jurassic Park Muck in 1998, TLK Transcend Muck in 2001 and Patitas Muck in 2006.

Convention activities[edit]

Salmy is one of Furrnion's co-founders and has been its CEO from the beginning to date.


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