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Salem Adams Kusanaga, holding a katana, drawn by Mary Minch

Salem Adams Kusanaga, full Salem Adams of the Kusanaga Clan, or just Kusanaga, also known as Rabbitdude/Rabbitdude99, and as SalemAdams Wobbit in Second Life (born February 5, 1987 in Sunnyside, Oregon, USA), is a furry musician, graphic designer, and computer programmer who lives in Portland, Oregon.[1]


In real life, Salem has a Bachelor's of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice.[1] He has been attending Orycon ever since he was young, and has been to two Worldcons.

He is an active attendant of both science fiction and furry conventions, and would attend them at sporadic times. But due to being immunocompromised since March 2022, he is abstaining from attending in-person conventions from then onwards.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kusanaga is the webmaster of Kusanaga,[3] and his first furry convention was Further Confusion 2008.

Salem has also been a previous staff member at RainFurrest where he continues to help the staff, and is currently a staff member of Furlandia and Orycon.


As the species name implies, Salem is a taur of the rabbit variety (a rabbittaur), about 5'9" (1.75 meters) tall, with an almost goldenrod color for fur, and Shi has blue eyes, and a tattoo on hir shoulder of a white snowflake surrounded by a blue flame.

Hir breed is of a Lionhead/Standard Rex mix, with short hair everywhere, except for the neck. Double mane around the neck only.

Due to hir body type, shi usually walks around without any clothes on, and when shi does have clothes on, it is usually for a good reason, and shi occasionally carries a katana, although shi rarely uses it, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) Staff


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