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Sage Freehaven.

Sage Freehaven (born July 25, 1981) has been in the furry community/fandom since late 2001. He resides in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He was the administrator of fchan from February 2005 to June 2005, after which Sage Nadia took over administration duties due to Sage's lack of internet access at the time. He is currently the co-administrator of The Goddamned Furry Board (TGFB).

Sage occasionally dabbles in furry art and pixel art, and was a regular poster on CrushYiffDestroy. He is also notorious for his love of the characters Gadget Hackwrench and Minerva Mink, as well as Marvel Comics superheroine Squirrel Girl and Tenchi Muyo character Mihoshi Kuramitsu.

Despite claims to the contrary, Sage Freehaven asserts that he and TGFB co-administrator Sechs Fuckheaven are not the same person, though no substantial evidence has been provided to satisfactorily support either claim.


Sage's furry alter-ego is an anthro wolf with grey fur, brown hair, a pink nose, and green eyes.

"Goddammit, Freehaven"[edit]

The phrase "Goddammit, Freehaven" -- used both on imageboards and forums where Sage does and doesn't post -- originated on the forums for CrushYiffDestroy.[1] After its usage on CYD, it eventually spread onto the imageboards Sage frequented, where it became both an insult and a regular reply to his posts (or to posts that might be relevant to interests of his).

Copyright / Public Domain[edit]

Due to his views on copyright and intellectual property law, Sage either places his artistic works under the Creative Commons "Zero" License (which acts as a public domain license) or offers them freely without any license or restrictions whatsoever; he has also encouraged other artists to do the same.


  1. This thread's subject line is (to the best of anyone's knowledge) the first known instance of the phrase being used.
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