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The Sacramento Furs (or "Sacfurs" for short) is an active, medium-sized furry social group for Sacramento Valley and the surrounding areas.

The Sacfurs is one of the four geographically significant furry groups in the state of California, along with the Bay Area Furs, the Southern California Furs, and the Valley Furs.


[edit] Events

The group typically holds weekly events every Saturday, with larger get-togethers every month or so. This varies depending on schedules and local happenings. These events are planned on the forum, and listed on the main website.


The website is an online hub for furries local to the Sacramento metropolitan area. The main page shows information about upcoming Furmeets. The Site's primary feature is a forum with topics of discussion such as: General Discussion, Meet Information, Marketplace, ECT. As of September 2010 the forum member list currently stands at 675. Not all of the members are local however, as furries from outside the region are also allowed to join.

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