Sabrina Online: The Story

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Sabrina Online: The Story written by Chris Foxx, portrays Eric W. Schwartz's character Sabrina meeting and falling in love with the author's furry persona. Initially, the story was consistent with the storyline in Sabrina Online, but it soon deviated in that Schwartz created a different character to become Sabrina's boyfriend. The story is a work in progress, and has 58 completed chapters, including 2 chapters hidden within The Story itself, as of October 20th, 2012.

Chris's story also introduces three new characters who together with Sabrina form a close-knit group of friends called The Clique; these are lioness Susan Felin, lop rabbit Cindy Lapine, and Debbye Squirrel (who is cousin to Amy the Squirrel). Other noteworthy characters are Dexter and Angel Collie, Wendy Wylde, Wanda the Vixen, and Clarence Skunk, a nerd who tries to woo Sabrina but later falls in love with Cindy. Most of these characters have become the main characters of fan fiction stories by other authors in what has become known as the SabrinaVerse.

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