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Saber Leopardess 816, also known as Leviara Lioness (and other names; see below) is a furry artist whose work is inspired by The Lion King franchise.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Saber joined the furry fandom in 2003. The first forum she joined was "Planet Lion King". Her fursona was an anthropomorphic Torrean sabertooth winged leopardess.


Faking death[edit]

Saber, who has a history of "going into hiding" online,[1] was said to have died of heart failure on May 17, 2010 in a DeviantArt journal entry by Svettlana Lioness,[2] who claimed to be her mother.[3] However, by 2012, Saber was posting online again under the same name,[4] ultimately moving on to adopt a new name, Leviara Lioness.[5][6]

Saber claims the deception was an attempt to evade online bullying.[7]

Faking age[edit]

In 2010, Saber claimed to be 15/16 years old, but as of 2017, claims to be only 13.[8] She says this is because her mother (implied to be someone other than Svettlana) lied about her actual date of birth;[9] this would have made her 5-6 years old believing she was high school-aged.

Fur Affinity ban[edit]

Saber and Svettlana have both been banned from Fur Affinity for threatening legal action against the site.[clarify]


Saber has used a variety of additional names online. These include:

  • Saber S. S. Kora II
  • Pardus_Girl
  • Lioness_Vixen-Halo3
  • Saber Lioness 816
  • Sharry Lioness
  • Leviara Jasmine
  • Muslim Lioness


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