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Sabarika at Anthrocon 2018
Anthrocon18, seen in a "free fursuit" she obtained from a stranger at Furpocalypse 2017

Sabarika, also known as huskyjackal (born in Kentucky, USA), is a furry artist and photographer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Sabarika's first introduction to the furry fandom was through artist Matrices's art, and she subsequently visits to Huskie's F.A.N. furry archive. A great deal of Sabarika's initial artistic inspiration came from Huskie_(artist) artwork.


Sabarika's fursona is a husky-jackal hybrid, created in the early 2000s. She has neon rainbow markings on her tail, blue fur with a grey marking on her back, and large lower ear tufts. She is frequently cited as being a sparkledog.

Convention attendance[edit]

Sabarika attended several furry conventions from 2003 to present.

Personal Life[edit]

Sabarika has lived in several states, including: KY, NC, TN, AL, OH, MA, NJ, TX, and GA. She enjoys cars and used to own a hearse she road-tripped in. She adopted a husky x Australian shepherd mix in 2005 from a shelter in KY named Diaz, who passed around the age of 17 in 2022. Photographs of Diaz and other dogs have been published in several books focused on dog behavior and training. Her hobbies include photography, traveling, and storm chasing.

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