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Southern CALifornia Furries (SCALF) was a mailing list started by WhiteFire which was actively hosted on from 1997(?) until 1999.


The first two years its service saw very little service or users. In 1999, Crassus approached WhiteFire and asked if he could be the active moderator and maintainer for the list. Whitefire agreed, seeing as he was 400 miles north, living in the Bay Area.

After the demise of SCFL, its users were directed to SCALF by both Kitfox and Crassus.


In 1999, Whitefire moved. He was unable to maintain the T1 connection at the new location, and the install problems of the new service caused's services, including SCALF to be down for a little less than a week. When was put back into service, most of its services were up within a week. However, some mailing lists had problems with upgrades on the system, including SCALF. The public news service also had to be dropped at this time due to bandwidth.

While BAF (Bay Area Furs Mailing List) was quickly fixed, SCALF remained down for several months. Its 100+ users were getting increasingly irritated with its absence, putting substantial pressure on Crassus to revive the list.

Crassus and WhiteFire argued about the service in question, including about it's ownerships, and demands for access to the machine and web hosting for the list. Eventually WhiteFire felt that Crassus' behavior on the subject had reached the level of harassment, and requested one of the other wizards of Tapestries MUCK, where much of the bickering took place, grant him a NCO against Crassus.


WhiteFire terminated the hosting of the list on due to what he considered unreasonable demands and harassment by Crassus. The reference to it mistakenly remained on's website until 2003 when the website was redesigned.


In 2000, with the rise of eGroups, the ability to maintain an email list without owning a hosting server suddenly became possible. Crassus did not create an eGroups list, not wanting to have a power struggle because of political loyalties and friendship with Kitfox.

In April of 2000, a SoCal fur named Alias Foxx who was completely untied politically, took it upon himself to create a new list which he entitled SoCalFurs. SCALF members flocked to the new mailing list in droves, ending up with a population of 100 within its first year of existence.

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