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Ryngs D. Ratt's Conbadge and character image. Drawn by and copyright Odis Holcomb (aka Ryngs D. Ratt) 2010.

Ryngs D. Ratt (previously known as Ryngs Rakune and The March Hare, real name Odis Holcomb) is a furry artist and fursuiter who resides in North Arkansas, U.S.A.

Ryngs' art covers the realms of illustration, realism, and fantasy, using the human as well as anthropomorphic form. His work has appeared on the covers of "Breaking the Ice, Stories from New Tibet" and "Shadows in Snow, Stories from New Tibet Vol. 2" both from SofaWolf Press. His art for the cover of Breaking the Ice was nominated for the Ursa Major Awards' Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration in 2002. He has also had work appear on the album of "The Lord of Storms" by the heavy metal band Vore. He has also done illustrations for Ironclaw by Sanguine Productions Ltd., and for numerous magazines, and comics.

Ryngs made his Ryngs D. Ratt and Te fursuits. He has also made fursuits for PandaGuy and a fursuit heads for Quasi Skunk and Sammy Samoyed and Solus.

He was one of the founding members of NARFA (Northwest Arkansas Regional Furry Association), moderates the NARFA mailing list, and holds regular furry gatherings and functions.

He was the Guest of Honor at the Mephit Furmeet 6 in 2002.

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