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Ryder is short for the Ryder Isles, a sim cluster in Second Life. Ryder first started as a single class 4 sim in July-September 2006, and was started by Swythe Armistice. His original Administration team was Becky Nosferatu, Maya Remblai, Icy Eber, Combat Wombat, Nashua Click, Synchra Squeegee, Console Mission, Ardic Danton and Azmodius Udal.

A little unknown fact about the sim, when Ryder Manor Isle first came online, it was given the name after a setting in Becky Nosferatu's stories as a gesture of friendship to her from Swythe. It was also originally business partnership between Swythe and Becky, who later retracted to just being an administrator.

Disputes broke out between several admins and Swythe, and he soon sold the sim to Equino Faulkland in February, 2007, and Equino moved his previous FurNation sims to join with Ryder. The remaining admins of Ryder are Becky Nosferatu, Maya Remblai, Combat Wombat, Nashua Click, and Console Mission- now with the help from Jake Fassnacht, Maffi Lu, Synchra Squeegee, and Dante Tucker. (All previous admins are still admins in Ryder, but no longer in the Estate Manager list.) They also have plenty of liaisons in the sim to help them.

The sim has now became many, and contains 8 Ryder named Sims, and 5 non Ryder named Sims, to form a complete, well united all-species friendly community.


  • Ryder Beach - a void sim

Previously, there was also Ryder Valley (formally known as the Dust,) Ryder Meadow and Ryder Jungle, but these sims have since moved or been taken offline.

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