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Ryan Wolf (born July 28, 1992) is a Brazilian furry artist and blogger, known by his rebel behavior.


His fursona changes from time to time. Around 2011 November his fursona was a dingo with orange fur and a white stripe down the middle of his body.

Due to his blog, FurDrama, Ryan gained the nickname of "Drama Lord" or "O Hater". He's also mocked about his nickname, which is very similar to CSI Miami's character Ryan Wolfe.

Around 2011 November he lived in Rio de Janeiro, after spending some time in Germany. His fame comes from his foul-mouthed, aggressive and stubborn nature, which is his mark, very easily noticed in his articles.


Ryan's most recent and famous work is his blog, called FurDrama. It brings the readers a new and hard perspective about projects and events among the fandom.

Created on October 15th, 2011 the blog had the main focus of mocking recent events in the fandom, bringing a more violent and accusing perspective.

During November, Ryan had a row with a few members of Project Fur, which banished him with no apparent reason. Since then, the blog was made of personal attacks; Due to the controversies, the blog had a peak of 300 visitors per day.

Its slogan is "Mimimi com Humor Apimentado" (equivalent to "Yadda-Yadda with Acid Humor")


Mr. Wolf said he's willing to make FurDrama grow, and apologizes for the bad manners presented previously. He's now focusing on acid humor, parodies and impersonal attacks, made of lampoons.

"I want people to know what I think, but also, I want them to read something intelligent..." he added.


His use of bad language and personal attacks were local spread, that resulted in a flamewar and him being banished for weeks from some websites.

Coming back clean, he joined the social network "Project Fur" and was also banished, this time for no reason. Wolf made use of his blog for personal attacks and started another wave of flamewar, also known as "Big Fur Drama". The consequences were Project Fur being shut down and new oppositors for both sides.

When asked about his motives, Wolf explains "I'm up to make the fandom more clean and fair. There a huge percentage of deception among us, and I don't really think we can unite this way, actually... We have no need to unite at all."

After those events, his blog had peaks of 300 views per day. Wolf also promised he would make a better use of FurDrama and make more smart, acid and more impersonal attacks. "I want to make good use of it", he said.

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