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Ryan Campbell, also known as Tube, Toob, or Not Tube, is a furry writer and poet who lives in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.[1] He was previously known as JT Skunk or JT Skunktaur. His fursona is a dragon, and was previously an otter.

As JT Skunk, Ryan was the second administrator of the TSA, after Thomas Hassan.


Ryan is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild. In January, 2011, his first novel Smiley and the Hero was published by FurPlanet.[1]

He is the author of the Fire Bearers series, published through Sofawolf, a fantasy series including the following novels:

Ryan Campbell has also released a novella in the FurPlanet cupcake series:

He has also had his stories and poetry published in issues of Sofawolf's New Fables anthologies:

  • 2007: story: A Non-Biodegradable Fox
  • 2008: poem: Etiquette
  • 2010: poem: On Approaches to Describing Moonlight in Poetry, and story: How the Schoolteacher Got His Song
  • 2012: story: Monsters

As "Not Tube", Ryan contributed the story Moonthief to Sofawolf's X, an anthology themed around the Ten Commandments.

Ryan has also participated in writing panels at Further Confusion.[2][3]

Other activities[edit]

Ryan has appeared as a guest in several episodes of the writing-oriented Unsheathed podcast.[4]


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