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Rusted Promises is a role-playing MUCK with a furry fantasy theme.


Promise is a planet inhabited by anthropomorphic animals created by the aptly-named 'creators', a group of humans that used them to terraform and colonize planets before being castigated and run out of buisiness by the rest of humanity.

Many years passed since this, with these beings populating Promise and overcoming a 'killswitch', their own creator's energy-creatures (Known as shadows) and the destruction of their moon, and for the next few hundred years there was little on the front of communication with their still-revered creators.

In present-day Promise, the creators have again established contact with beings after the planet they inhabited was briefly put up for auction in order to pay for the debts of the company that both created and attempted to annihilate them; after much negotiation, the planet's ownership has been granted to the beings. Of course, there are still conflicts going on on the surface... (See the rusted Promises wiki for more in-depth explanations of the theme and setting from a more in-world perspective)



Nuku Valente - Setting, code. Headwizard.

Hinoserm - Server maintenance, billing, code.






Miorna - (Coder-in-training)

Other staff:

Hecate - Everything in small amounts

Jasna - Building, Balance

Vath - Lore, Scene running

Frio - Lore

Fluffy - Building, Typo-hunting

Marisel - Building

Morrigan - Building

(Apologies to any other staffers I've missed! We have a lot.)


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