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On April 1, 2018, it was announced that Rusfurence 2019 would not return to Hotel Heliopark Thalasso, or to Zvenigorod, but instead would move to a summer timing, possibly in August.[1] It was explained that this was because of a desire for "kebabs at 20°C rather than -30°C" (later estimated at closer to 25°C), with the potential for tents for gatherings, outdoor activities and, if lucky with the location of the hotel, water events. In addition, it would coincide with vacation time for students - and teachers, and the only clashing nearby convention is Eurofurence (May would overlap with WUFF, with which Rusfurrence shares half its organizers).[2] However, it would be possible that spaces at the hotel would be limited to ~150 attendees - although this would not prevent surrounding hotels from being used by day-visitors. This was considered by the organizers to be an improvement over not being able to fully-book the hotel, with its resulting lack of privacy and control, as well as dealing with the new management of the old hotel. The event is led by Black Lion (chairman, technical/AV) and Fleki (vice-chair, creative/art show).[3]

In February, the convention dates and theme was announced: Rusfurrence 2019 "Summer Night" was to occur August 28-September 1, 2019.[4] The venue was given as the Vozdvizhenskoe «Воздвиженское» Park Hotel in Serpukhov.[5]


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