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Rusfurence 2016 was held over February 3-7, 2016.[1] The convention's backstory read:[2]

Rusfurence 2016
This city was considered the pearl of the West coast until the young and daring gangster seized all the power in the city and created the Empire.

Mafia was fabulously enriched by prohibition supported by the government. At that moment mafia gained a real power. The city became a cradle of crime, the kingdom of forbidden pleasures and criminal acts. All power in the city belongs to the criminal Syndicate – The Family. The government and politicians are totally corrupted. Local police cannot do anything in this situation.

Maintaining the status and capturing the city took a lot of energy. After a while the head of the Syndicate is going to retire and thinking about a successor who could continue the Family business.

Rumors that Don decided to retire have caused a disrepancy between those who are related to him by the bond of blood and who actually runs the business. And now each part tries to find favour in the eyes of Don.

The situation attracted the attention of the feds. They have their own point of view…

Rusfurence 2016


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