Running Wild (video game)

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Running Wild is a racing video game released for the Sony PlayStation in 1998. The player can choose characters from an all-animal cast, In this game characters do not use vehicles, but instead race on foot. Each character has their own stats and abilities. This game is from the producers of Crash Bandicoot, developed by Blue Shift Studios and Universal Interactive Inc., and published by 989 Studios. A preliminary title for the game was Freakin' Fast.


This original take on racing sets you up as a bipedal animal, jumping over all sorts of obstacles in an attempt to speed past your wild competition. Each of the game's six tracks is set in a vastly different locale, presenting unique challenges for every animal on the roster. Choose from six beastly characters, each with a different skill set: The elephant is the strongest, the bull is the most agile, and the zebra is the fastest. Hidden boss characters can be unlocked in the game's Challenge mode, while Time Trial allows you to race against your own best time. There's a wide variety of speed-ups and power-ups out there, and you'll need them to get faster, bigger, or more powerful.

List of characters[edit]

  • Brazz- Zebra
  • Gwynne- Rabbit
  • Boris- Elephant
  • The General- Mountain Goat
  • Coronado- Bull
  • Mei Ling- Panda

Secret Characters[edit]

  • Blizzaro- Snow Character
  • Pyro- Fire Character
  • Rex- Dinosaur
  • Tox- Toxic Waste Character
  • Kostra- Desert Skeleton
  • Lunar- Space Man


  • The Arctic
  • The City
  • The Volcano
  • The Desert
  • The Jungle
  • The Moon

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