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Rukis Croax is an American artist and writer. She is the creator, writer and illustrator of the Cruelty comic and its sequel Unconditional, and the co-creator, writer and co-illustrator of the Red Lantern comic. She is also the writer of an ongoing online novel called Cruelty, published on Fur Affinity.

She was a guest of honor at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2012. and Furnal Equinox 2013.[1]

Rukis is since some years in a bigamous relationship with two childhood friends, a male and a female, though she is referring to their relationship as polyamory.[2] The three resided together in a farm in the state of New York, U.S.A. As of August, 2014, Rukis is a resident of South Carolina near the Greenville area.[3]


Rukis' first comic, Cruelty, was published by FurPlanet, and debuted at Anthrocon 2010. At 44 pages, Rukis considered this a "practice comic". However, it sold out within the first day of the convention, and Rukis went on to create a sequel (Unconditional).

In 2009 she started Red Lantern. She second volume of the comic, which is planned to be made in four volumes, is currently in writing and is released on Fur Affinity before its printed release which will includes sex scenes. The first volume was co-drawn by Alector Fencer, however she was replaced by Myenia since 2012.

Rukis and Myenia also made a 24-page comic entitled Strong, done in 48 hours only (24 for each) as a challenge.

Other artwork[edit]

Rukis' artwork for the cover of Kyell Gold's Green Fairy won the 2012 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration.[4]

In March, 2014, Rukis' adult anthropomorphic art folio Instinct was published by FurPlanet.[5]


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