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Rudo Fennec (born December 5,[1] 1981) was a fursuiter who lives in Toms River, New Jersey, U.S.A.[1] He was interested in the furry fandom for several years before becoming more active in 2009.

Rudo created digital art of cartoon style anthropomorphic animals and fursuits as a hobby. He attributed his affinity for the furry fandom to his interest in cartoons and many visits to Disney World from a his youth through the present.


"Back in the year 1998, when a little ISP called Prodigy Classic still existed, Rudo was known in the Disney chat rooms and message boards as Colonel Spigot (from Talespin). And he had a good online pal by the name of Maddog (also from Talespin). And he RP'ed on a Disney Muck and talked for endless hours about cartoon animals and had a plush Pumbaa and Timon. And poor Rudo still didn't know he was a furry. About nine years later he realized it hadn't been an isolated interest when he found the fandom, and in 2009 he finally took his place as a furry, officially. And that lucky Maddog who Rudo had fallen out of contact with, had been one from the start! That's what they refer to as being in the Doldrums."[2]


Rudo Fennec at MFF2010. Photo taken by Ersis.

Rudo owns two fursuits, both of which he constructed himself:

  • Rudo, the fursuit depicting his fursona, was self built in summer 2009.[3] Rudo means "love" in Shona, a Southern African language. Rudo's personality is typically silly and fun-loving. Rudo is a fennec with realistically, large ears. His identifying marks include a single "snaggle tooth" for a left cuspid, and his attire consists of a variety of fleece vests.
  • Venga, a "Eurasian-American Badger", who was built in January, 2010.[4] This character was designed after Rudo as somewhat of an alter ego. The name is Shona for "hate." His personality is attributed to the aggressive nature of badgers. Venga does not usually wear any clothing. Accessories include a mushroom necklace and a large snake plushie, as an homage to The Badger Dance.

Rudo frequently suited at conventions, such as Anthrocon 2009, 2010, FurFright 2009, Midwest FurFest 2009, and FA: United 2009. He performed in the Anthrocon 2010 Masquerade with SkippyFox.

Rudo and Venga appear in many videos, including numerous cameos in Coopertom's videos.


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