Rubber Dragon Labs

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Rubber Dragon Labs
RDL Logo.pngRubber Dragon Labs' current community logo
Subject Furry, Adult
Operator(s) Jackie Demon (Owner)
Earthstorm (Co-owner)
Bessa (Mod)
Terlix (Mod)
Sakuri_Rainne (Mod)
Nova (Mod)
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to RDZ: Apr. 16, 2020 - Jul. 1, 2020

RDL: Jul. 10, 2020 - Nov. 2, 2020
RDL Udon: Nov. 2, 2020 - Present

Rubber Dragon Labs, formerly called the "Rubber Dragon Zone", is an adult VRChat community that serves as an avatar world and primary home for the Rubber Dragon species. The world and community is managed by both Jackie Demon and Earthstorm.


The world is a one-story building with red carpet and gray floors and walls. A room with a pedestal that players joining would spawn on top of that led into a hallway that divided into three paths. Going left would take you to the avatar room, a mirror, a latex pool, and several avatar pedestals of Rubber Dragons that used to be present. Turning right would have the player enter a "cinema room", a theatre-style room with a video player that can be manually controlled. Moving straight would bring you to the end of the hallway where there are four lockable private rooms (formerly two, one on the left and right), and straight ahead entered a grand hall that used to feature a macro statue of a Rubber Dragon, which now has a button that spawns large rubber orbs could be grabbed by players, and thrown, scattering through the room. A mirror on the left, and another latex pool is also present in the grand hall.

The grand hall of Rubber Dragon Labs.



On April 16, Trusted user and content creator, Jackie Demon with co-creator Earthstorm uploaded a world titled "Rubber Dragon Zone" to VRChat. It served as an adult and BDSM community for furry VRChat users, and fans of their work.

On July 1st, Rubber Dragon Zone was removed from VRChat, and a new version was uploaded around a week later, dubbed "Rubber Dragon Labs". The new upload retained all the features of Rubber Dragon Zone, but the statue in the hall, and the avatars in the avatar room were removed to comply with community guidelines. In addition, two extra private rooms were added, a throne room, and a dance room became available. On this date, Earthstorm ended up taking over active development of the world.

On November 2nd, Rubber Dragon Labs was released into SDK 3.0, dubbing the unofficial name of Rubber Dragon Labs UDON. The final release of RDL features a club room with moving spotlights, interactive buttons around the world and the return of various features locked behind a passcode. After the release of the world, Earthstorm has mentioned a new RDL in development. Not much is known about the new RDL, however the theme for the world will be more lab-like. The world and Discord server are now under management from Earthstorm, with Jackie Demon remaining as the owner and prominant figure in the community. Jackie Demon handles the publicity, avatars and some small functions of the Discord server, while Earthstorm manages the Discord server and develops all current and future VRChat content.


The original upload of Rubber Dragon Zone was taken down by the VRChat moderation team on July 1, 2020 for violating Terms of Service. The reason for their decision was due to their policy of not allowing lewd worlds to be made public, as people of all ages are able to access any publicly-available world. Also as a consequence, Jackie Demon was banned for a week from VRChat's services. VRChat never notified him of his ban, or reason for such.

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