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Roxwood is a fur whose fursona is a hybrid (Panthera Ursus, or vice versa), born of a bear mother (Tári) and liger father (Amrod).


Ligers are said to be sterile creatures, and so the couple was not worried about conceiving a child. Miraculously, though, Roxwood was conceived and carried by Tári, who passed away during his birth. His father, Amrod, was so torn by his wife's death that he died shortly afterwards.


Roxwood is comfortable on both four paws (at 2' 10.5") or upright (5' 10"). He lacks both the size and the stature of his parents, weighing close to 360 pounds; this, along with his short fangs, is caused by recessive genes. Though not rough-and-tumble rugged, Roxwood stands out through his look, with soft velvet pads on all four of his paws, and silky-soft golden-brown fur matching his eyes. He has the markings of a liger, but the coloration of a bear. He prefers the company of other males.

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