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Roxikat was created in 1995, and is the most-noted character and sometimes fursona of noted furry artist John Barrett. Roxikat is a well-endowed pink shemale cat, who has two completely different personas: "Good Roxi" and "Naughty Roxi." This is based on a joke in one of her adult folios of the same name, a parody of the Goofus and Gallant cautionary comics from Highlights magazine. Roxikat has been in several comics and drawings, both penned by her creator and by others. The first piece of fan art was from Ken Sample in 1995 and may have jumpstarted the character's popularity.

Roxikat was a guest of honor at Camp Feral in 2003, FA: United in 2007, Condition in 2010, and Morphicon in 2011.

Roxi also has a role-play character from City of Villains named Trent Rudley who calls himself Smashwolf.[1]

Good Roxi[edit]

Updated model sheet based on fursuit
PhotoShopped Roxi at ESG 2009

Roxikat was intended to be sweet and playful, almost childlike in her innocence. In John's own work, Roxi speaks in the third person and punctuates many of her sentences with a feline 'myah' sound (mee-yeah in one syllable), which sounds like the Ryo-ohki cabbit in the Tenchi Muyo! series. From 1996-1999, Roxi appeared in the Furthest North Crew APAzine (later posted on his VCL page) in a Trekky spoof comic story called Roxikat's Myah. Here he created his closer-to-life fursona Johnnykat and had cameos of friends and other fanzine contributors.

This version of Roxikat appears in the webcomics A Doemain Of Our Own, Vinci and Arty and Misty the Mouse (as a background character). She's also had small cameos in Extinctioners and appears rarely on the Second Life virtual hangout as the character Roxikat Muse.

John has even fursuited as Roxikat at Anthrocon and at Further Confusion, participating in the Masquerade in lip-sync acts and comedy shorts off-and-on for a decade. He made his first Roxikat fursuit in 1995 for ConFurence East. He later commissioned Scribblefox for a fursuit head with a working jaw. He's commissioned ArtSlave and Mirabem for a complete fursuit that made an appearance at Midwest Furfest 2008.

Naughty Roxi[edit]

In adult artwork and in appropriate online adult role-play hangouts, Roxikat is overendowed, oversexed, and overeager. This hyperfur version has odd body-modifications that are inspired by Roxi's adventures on adult MUCK roleplay hangouts. Roxi first appeared online as a female, but the male player later preferred to roleplay the character as a herm and later as a shemale. The changes were inspired by the artwork of TRUMP and Doug Winger and especially the Mall stories featured on Doug's website.

Naughty Roxi has appeared in the comic Supermegatopia as the name Roxikat, (based on John's character on SMT Blue MUCK, Milkshake) as well as in several portfolios sold at John's personal website at She also appeared in Sin Factory's Genus #22 (reprinted in Genus Greatest Hits #3), and Genus Male #5.


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