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Rowdy circa 2016

Rowedahelicon Chatagra Tarenusquaranthancalicus also known as Rowdy, born June 12th, 1992, is a furry artist and computer scientist who resides in Torrington, Connecticut, U.S.A. He is the founder and head admin of the furry gaming group SouthernCross Gaming.


Rowdy is a former timber wolf, turned Crux, then into a hybrid Wolf Crux. He stands at a height of 6 feet, with the appearance of a crux but his fur patterns differ in color and thickness like a wolf. His tail has a span of 5 and a half feet and is fluffier than a typical Crux tail.


Rowdy is the result of experimentation done on a group of furs having activated a gene which causes mutations. He mutated into a Crux, sporting white hair that turned black over time; glowing ghostly blue eyes and a more wolf-like muzzle. His mutation caused a breakdown of his mental capacity, effectively turning him insane. With the use of deep mediation and mental exercises he is able to project his physical being as a hybrid between his two "personalities". He can regress to a Crux at will, but cannot regress into his full former wolf self.


Rowdy is a computer programmer, graphic designer, character artist and fursuiter. He has been known to volunteer at cons and occasionally hosts a panel discussion about anxiety and shyness within the furry fandom. He is an artist who frequents Weasyl and Furaffinity, specializing in vector work and occasional sketch-work.

Southern Cross Gaming[edit]

In late 2010, Rowdy founded SouthernCross Gaming, a furry gaming group mainly based on Steam. It has been the main focus of his work, allowing him to develop and practice his skills as a programmer and artist.


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