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Rowdy as he appears in real life. Taken at CT Con 2012

Rowedahelicon Chatagra nicknamed Rowdy is a furry artist , Sys Admin and Web programmer who lives in Torrington, Connecticut, U.S.A. He is the founder and head admin of the furry gaming group SouthernCross Gaming. He is voiced by Nolan North.


Rowdy is a second generation mutation Leukos Arsenikon crux , he stands 5'11 at 170 pounds. Being genderless, he often switches behaviors and personalities but his "default" mode is a very quiet and somber male type. He appears as a tall, lanky jittery beast. His fur is mainly white with black markings in the shape of squares and dots. His chest pattern consists of 5 dots that resemble the Southern Cross constellation. His eyes are coated in a layer of Luciferin , causing a glowing blue glow and making him appear blind. His standard outfits consist of lab coats, collared shirts, over-sized just slightly to give him better movement and shorts to deal with his legs. He can sometimes be seen wearing a partial straight jacket underneath and arm belts, which is speculated to be from a former stay at a mental institution.

Personal life[edit]

Rowdy is a self taught computer programmer / system admin / artist. He began to learn various languages at age 14, after being introduced to the homebrew culture following the Sony PSP at the time. He has since garnered an interest in web programming with little computer programming on the side. Following the start up of his group, Southern Cross Gaming, in 2010; his efforts have been focused on maintenance of various systems as well as programming both the website for the group and various toys for his servers to use.

Rowdy also does artwork with various mediums, painting portraits of them as they attempt to contact the dead. As of 2013 he has made a focus to do paid artwork in order to sustain himself without having a job. He has drawn since he was 15 under a Deviant Art account where began to get his foot in the door socially. He has since moved into a gallery on Furaffinity and Weasyl. He has said he doesn't consider himself a real focused artist as he never had too much interest in it, mainly drawing for website designs and eventually his fursona.

Place within the fandom[edit]

Rowdy first joined the fandom around the age of 14, originally being a wolf. He became a crux at the age of 17 and shortly became a fursuiter with his new found fursona. His suit first appeared at Connecticut 2010 and he debuted the re-designed head at Anthrocon 2012. His suit is a fullsuit with him mostly appearing in partial due to issues with heat. It was commissioned and created in June 2010 by the artist Ritz Bitz[1]

In late 2010, Rowdy founded SouthernCross Gaming, a furry gaming group on Steam advertised as a place run by rules of logic and openly accepting arms while also being realistic.

He is also a known puppet-master, being able to scare all children across the spectrum with his puppeteer skills. Especially Gamegrunt.


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