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Roswell Langley (also known as Knackpot; born February 14)[1] is a furry artist who lives in Hougang, Singapore.[2]

Roswell's fursona is a red panda with green markings.[3] His body is covered in black fur, with green back and shoulders. His forepaws and backpaws are black with grey underfur, and he has black claws. Roswell's forehead and cheeks are green with a white blotch above each eye. His muzzle is white with dark green teardrop-shaped markings, and his ears are one-third white, one-third black, and one-third green from tip to base.

Roswell's tail is made of eight alternating rings of green and dark green. His hair is black with a red lock on the right-hand side. He wears his hair medium-length, with a short, bushy ponytail. Roswell's eyes are hazel and he sometimes wears spectacles. He has two piercings on his left eybrow, one at the centre and another slightly to the left.


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