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Rose Quoll at the Currumbin Sanctuary, Australia.

Rose Quoll is a female artist who started drawing furry art circa 2002. She also does business making fursuits on commission, working in the currently fashionable "toony" style. She created the Furry is Life logo. Rose's fursona is a Western Quoll (Dasyurus geoffroii).


Originally from Florida, Rose moved to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in June of 2004 to live with Stephen Quoll, bringing to fruition a year-long long-distance relationship.

When she first arrived to Australia, she shared accommodations with both Stephen Quoll, Jaffa Ferel, and for a short while, with Canberra furry Kell Bengal. She also lived in a furry sharehouse dubbed the Sanctuary with Stephen Quoll and Whyrl. She currently lives with her boyfriend Kelvin, and is no longer involved romantically with Stephen.

Rose originally went to Australia on a tourism visa, and was forced to leave in June 2005 while applying for permanent residency. After stays with Nipper and ColinRaccoon in New Zealand, and her family in Florida, Rose has finally received her Australian Temporary Visa, and returned to Australia in April 2006.

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