Roomies (Dan Canaan)

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For the other webcomic of the same name, see Roomies (Andrew Dickman).
Author(s) Dan Canaan
Update schedule Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Launch date May 1999
End Date November 21, 2008
Genre Humour
Censor PG button.png

Roomies was a webcomic created and drawn by Dan Canaan. It featured his own character Flinthoof Ponypal, or "Flinters" as he is also known, and a full cast of recurring characters.

Roomies was introduced in May 1999 and delved immediately into the somewhat-freakish sitcom existence of Flinters, room mate Tibo the tiger, their megalomaniac computer, their pet ferrets, and others.

In March 2008, the author officially announced his intention to close the strip for good, once there was enough to justify a fourth book edition of Roomies. The total number of individual comic strips will be 1200. In its place he will be doing a darker comic, "Scavengers."

The final strip was uploaded on November 21st, 2008. A month later the artist posted confirmation that he is done writing the comic and will move on to Scavengers which is tentatively slated to start in January of 2009 [1]. The final strips have relocated all of the main cast to Mars, as part of a recurring crossover with The Cyantian Chronicles. The comic's website is now defunct.


  1. Roomies.... is over Posted by Flinthoof on December 9th, 2008.
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