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Room parties may be hosted by attendees in their hotel rooms in addition to formal programming and dances at conventions. The people running such conventions generally have no interest with what goes on in a particular room, so long as they do not get complaints from other members or hotel staff.

Furry parties[edit]

Furry-themed room parties, held at established science fiction conventions, were the precursor to separate furmeets and have sometimes spawned entire furry conventions such as Anthrocon.

The first known funny animal fan party was the Prancing Skiltaire Party held at the 1985 Westercon. The first party to be openly referred to as a "Furry Party" was held at the following Westercon in July 1986 by Mark Merlino and Rod O'Riley, who would later co-found ConFurence. A 20th anniversary celebration of that event was held July 1, 2006 during the 59th Westercon (known as "Conzilla") at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley.

Room parties that have been held at multiple conventions include The Frozen Oasis party, Sorien's Tea Party, and Lynx's Ice Cream Party.

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