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Roochi Lexico with a flower

RooChi Lexico, is an a American fursuiter living in Utah.


[edit] Fandom involvement

RooChi Lexico also known as Roo, is a cookie-loving, wine red fox who enjoys puppet-making, fursuiting and podcasting. He built his own fursuit with the help of some friends. RooChi is one of the current administrators of the Utah Furries.

RooChi Lexico hosted three panels at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011:

  • Balloon Art for Beginners
  • Advanced Balloon Making
  • Puppet-making

Roo also made appearances in his fursuit, sometimes dressed as Mario or "Mari-Roo".

[edit] Projects

[edit] Fur What It's Worth

RooChi Lexico hosts a furry podcast, Fur What It's Worth, where he discuss the fandom.

[edit] Convention Attendances

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