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Roo5588 (also known as Jason "Jay" Roghdon) is a writer.


Multi-chapter projects[edit]

  • High School Transformation: Freshman Year
  • High School Transformation: Sophomore Year
  • Dad's Love
  • Kyle Experience
  • Brother's Keeper
  • Alone In The Woods
  • Hottest in Summer
  • Farm Life
  • Cyber Furres
  • Jason the Body Snatcher
  • Raunch
  • Highschool Odds
  • Taking Chances
  • His Extreme First Time
  • The Sorcerer's Revenge
  • All A Game
  • If FAG Were Contagious
  • The Living Collection
  • Group of Asses
  • Three Buds
  • Jizz
  • Pleasure in the Darkness
  • South Dakota
  • Tyler the Slut
  • Halloween
  • College Experience
  • My Teenage Studs
  • New School
  • Extreme College Experiences
  • Please Boston...
  • Tales of Passion
  • New Age Kids
  • The Tales of DJ Phillip
  • Big Bad Bobby
  • Kid Universe
  • Runs In The Family

Published works (published in 2012)[edit]

  • Always Joe (Dad's Love)
  • A Dog Named Aaron
  • Pre-Wedding Spitroast
  • A Typical Southern Florida Night
  • Breaking in the Farmhand

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