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Ronnie (a.k.a Skyryd3r) is a Chinese-Canadian fursuiter. His fursona is an eastern dragon that transforms into other creatures, but is "not a TF fur". He dances, draws, play games, and practices martial arts. He is the leader and one of the founders of LFO fursuitter dance crew. He frequents many East Coast and Midwest conventions, and can often be found as a staff member or running/participating in stage events at conventions.

He also organizes large-attendance events such as Dance Competitions and Floor Wars, which he and Last-Fur-One founded in the fandom at AC 2012. As a performer, Ronnie also participates in Dance Competitions and Masquerades at various conventions, most notably as Tien Long. As of 2017, he also experiments with DJ-ing at conventions, starting off with a debut at FE 2017[1].


Conventions Attended[edit]


  1. DJ Line-up Revealed news article on FE website citing DJ line-up for 2017.

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