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Rolf Raccoon, drawn by himself

Rolf Raccoon (also known as Rolfie; born July 2nd) is a furry artist. His fursona is a blue Raccoon.


Rolf is a raccoon with primarily azure blue fur. He has an eye mask around his eyes of a darker shade of blue than his primary fur color. Both his nose and his eyebrows are black. He has a lighter blue, chubby belly, a striped tail, and darker blue fur on his paws and feet-paws. Rolf has bright, candy corn orange eyes, one which is more dilated than the other and sometimes even cross-eyed due to his insane nature. He has dark blue ears. He doesn't wear clothes but occasionally he does have a gray and darker gray striped scarf.


Rolf as a character is an insane, kooky creature that exists in a place called the "Tooniverse" with the rest of the real Rolf's characters. Constantly indulging in his favorite food, Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donuts and other sugary sweets, Rolf lives a fairly simple care-free life. His hobbies consist of cartooning, telling horrible jokes, and cooking up things to eat. He has a natural reaction to sniff various things and such without being consciously aware of doing it. Rolf tends to doodle on any blank space of paper he can find and he is highly susceptible to brain freezes. Sometimes he purposely speaks in a very obnoxious toony voice that is ridiculously far off from his real one. When he isn't eating doughy delights, he tends to submit to his raccoon nature and rummage through garbage for food and ingredients to cook with. Rolf also suffers from a sporadically laughing syndrome that he cannot always control and ends up hysterically laughing in very inappropriate situations.


The "real" Rolf is an artist on Fur Affinity who makes cartoon-styled art in his free time for fun. He has a strong passion for cartoons and music. His favorite cartoons consist of Rocko's Modern Life (which also happens to be one of his biggest inspirations) and The Regular Show. The rest of his love is spent on his affection for Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donuts. He believes in spiritually being a part of a raccoon and will die only to become his fursona in his own "Tooniverse" where he will live with the rest of his characters he has created. He spent his first trip to Anthrocon in 2011 where it was a very life changing experience. He realized his love for being his cartoon self and fursuits was greater than he ever expected. He plans on getting in suit in the future to give out public hugs, balloons, and other community events that will make others happy.


Since being a young kit at around the age of five, Rolf had always pretended to be a raccoon. He would dig through the family's garbage and actually pick at the food. He would also pick his food up that he'd eat and pretend to wash it first or just simply rub it against his plate. His parents would go on to say that "it's just a phase." At age ten, he even had the experience of biting a light bulb and breaking it into pieces with his teeth.

Also from young age, Rolf had always found anthro characters very appealing. Most, if not all of the cartoons and movies and games he played had to include one anthro character and it would always be his favorite. After years of being an avid fan of anthropomorphic characters, he finally confronted a close friend of his named Samantha about it. In his "My Pictures" folder was a sub-folder categorized under the name of "Cool People" containing all characters of anthro origins (such as Bowser, Dingodile ((from Crash Bandicoot)), Starfox, Ratchet, and even Toucan Sam). After telling Samantha he had noticed they were all "animal-y humans" she pointed him in the possibility of being a furry and then linked him to some information. It was then that Rolf had realized his place in the furry fandom and has been a proud member of the fandom ever since.

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