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Rokki is a character in the comic series Andorozon created by Ken Singshow but was also featured in Extinctioners comic series created by Shawntae Howard. She is a Flying Squirrel Anthroid.


Most would consider Rokki T.F. Squirrel the leader of the Andorzon because of her decisive actions, but she is not. Rokki is good friends with all the girls, especially Merry. Merry and Rokki are an 'odd couple'. Rokki works well with the whole team except Sachi, who perceives Rokki as being too 'nerdy' or 'geeky' and somewhat creepy because of Rokki's lack of emotion and ice-cold personality.

She is the brains of the Andorozon. Most of her duties consist of inventing equipment to keep up with the ECS and then maintaining, upgrading and fixing said equipment after Merry breaks it. She is also responsible for Andorozon finances. The profits from her inventions pay for the cost of damage the Andorozon might incur. Rokki just LOVES counting money. Contrary to her lack of emotion, if you see Rokki grinning madly, cash must be involved. For her it is like collecting nuts, a trace of her old animal instinct.

Rokki (Internal Structure)

Rokki is not strong as the others but uses her inventions to help her out, unfortunately they sometimes backfire. Rokki doesn't have bullet proof construction, which she sees as a big problem so she always lets Merry and the others charge in front of her, but if no one is around, Rokki still can dodge bullets by using her super agility and precognition. Her special power is the ability to see the future. This ability doesn't work all the time, unfortunately it seems not to work when she needs it the most. Rokki is a great hacker and in many ways almost like a living computer. She can hack into any computer system due to her quantum computer brain. Rokki tends to be over confident. It is one of the key reasons for her inventions not working up to specifications and her inability to adapt to the irrational and illogical actions of others. Under such conditions she exhibits an emotional breakdown when the things are out of control or out of her expectations. Rokki doesn't have a social life so she spends all her free time inventing, computer upgrading, nuts collecting and money counting. She is the ultimate geek girl.

Rokki notices that many things are missing in her life and wishes them to be fulfilled. She secretly desires to experience romance but feels that would never happen to her.

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