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Rogue Wolfclaw (born June 1, 1988)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Hawaii, USA.[1]


Rogue's fursona is a wolf/demon hybrid.[2] He is obsidian-black all over, with a toned, muscular build. In his left ear are three silver loop earrings; two in the bottom-outside half of the ear, and one in the top-outside half. In his right ear are two silver loop earrings, in the bottom-outside half of the ear.

A tuft of fur hangs over Rogue's right eye. His eyes have irises the color of blood, with black pupils. If he is angry, snarling, staring at the sun (or doing anything that would cause one's pupils to shrink), then his pupils are slitted. His canine teeth are four inches in length. He has a set of thick, black claws on each of his massive paws. His paw pads are dark, charcoal gray.

He wears a set of US Air Force dog tags around his neck.


Rogue's fursuit was built by Soki Twopaw.[3]


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