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Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2010 was held on August 6th - 8th at the Doubletree Hotel Denver. The theme was The Wild West. Guests of Honor were artist Heather Bruton, fursuiter Lucky Coyote of Don't Hug Cacti Studios and Feature Performer, 2 the Ranting Gryphon. There was a total of 526 attendees, a 31% increase over the previous year, and 71 fursuiters in the fursuit parade.[1]


Artist guest of honor Heather Bruton created the programme book cover, and a "Cougar cowgirl pinup" as the super sponsor print.[2]

Nerf events[edit]

Several Nerf-based events were held, including:

  • High-Noon Quick-draw Competition: A ladder match with stock Nerf Maverick revolvers and protection provided by the convention. Costumes, fancy shooting, or acting (including death acting) may be awarded additional style points.
  • Free-for-all City Shootout: Participants must bring their own weapons (within limits), ammunition and eye-protection for an all-out competition in a stand-up city.
  • Team Death-match: 4v4 team action in a stand-up city, with each team-member using their own equipment. Advanced registration is required.


The charity in 2010 was the Front Range Equine Rescue. The $240 proceeds from the convention's charity auction were matched by the convention to make $480 and then donated to them.[3]


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