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Poster for the "Rockit on the Moon" special

Rockit is a music game show in Second Life that was invented for ABC Island but also occurs in Eragon and other locations. It was created by Air Digital, a company owned by Wolfie Rankin and Ryu Darragh, and was modeled after several real life quiz shows.

The questions on the show are based on music trivia from the 50s to the early 90s, although most are about the 80s. The show is played using text chat only, for technical and practical reasons; e.g. availability, bandwidth, lag, connectivity, mic spam, record keeping and dispute resolution.


To begin the show, the host asks the audience a series of simple music questions and, when a correct answer is typed out by an audience member, they are asked to sit at the desk. The desk is split to form two teams of four.

There are then five rounds of question. with most of the rounds having ten questions, but one usually has five questions. Five points are awarded for correct answers and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Rounds can include:

  • Local/General: A simple general music knowledge round, often played twice during the game. The questions start easy and become harder.
  • Anagrammus Logicus: The players have to try and decipher band names out of anagrams. Due to its difficulty, this rounds usually consists of no more than five anagrams.
  • The Shroom of Doom: One player is asked to sit on a mushroom has one minute to recall as many items associated with the topic as possible; e.g. Songs by Abba.


The cast of the show includes:

  • Wolfie Rankin - Writer, Graphics, Set and Host
  • Evangeline Wind - Hostess
  • Captaincrunch Hax - Scoring
  • Dustin Veron and Vermus Dryke - Security
  • Betlog Hax and Ryu Darragh - Scripting
  • Quadrapop Lane - Graphics

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