Rocket: Robot on Wheels

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Rocket: Robot on Wheels is a 1999 video game by Sucker Punch Productions for the Nintendo 64.


  • Rocket- He is the main character of the game. He is a robot owned by Dr.Gavin.
  • Whoopie- He is a walrus, who is supposed to be the mascot of Whoopie World.
  • Jojo- He is a raccoon. He is the antagonist of the game. He is Whoopie's sidekick, who wants to replace Whoopie World with Jojo World.
  • Dr. Gavin- He is the architect of Whoopie World, who owns Rocket, who is left in charge of Whoopie and Jojo.


Rocket belongs to Dr. Gavin, the architect and owner of Whoopie World, a futuristic theme park. On the night before opening day, he goes to a party, leaving Rocket in charge of the mascots, Whoopie the walrus and his sidekick Jojo the raccoon. As soon as Gavin leaves, Rocket sees Jojo looking over his plans to ruin opening day and replace the park with Jojo World. Before he can do anything, Jojo knocks out Rocket with a mallet and takes the teleporter down into the park, bringing Whoopie with him. Now Rocket must rescue Whoopie, find the tickets and tokens Jojo has scattered throughout the park, and catch the raccoon, all before Dr. Gavin returns.

Similarities to Sly Cooper[edit]

Sly Cooper is similar to Rocket in the sense that both games have a raccoon (Sly/Jojo) playing a major role.