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Robert Marble (born 1946)[1] is a professional artist whose designs often feature anthropomorphic animals.


Robert was raised in Southern California, U.S.A. He is an art major, and "a self-taught cartoonist".[1] In 1974, while working as a illustrator and art director, Robert decided to leave his job and pursue an independent career.

Robert married his wife, Marie, in 1977. Since 1980, they have lived in Newport Beach, California,[1] and worked together from their home studio to present Robert's artwork through exhibits, festivals, and private showings.


Robert Marble's artwork depicts anthro animals in "everyday situations with a humorous slant".[1] A little "redbird" (Robert's signature character) appears in each of his paintings.

A collection of Robert's prints featured in episode 15 of series 2 of the American reality-televsion series Storage Wars.[2]


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