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Robert Baird, who goes by Rob, is a "furry writer, coyote, and geek"[1] who is active on SoFurry. Originally from Colorado, in the United States, he has lived in Berlin, Germany, since 2011.[2]


Rob calls himself a "booster of the online writing scene [who] wears his SoFurry ballcap with pride."[2] He has been writing there under that name since 2010[3] and labels his focus as being primarily in erotica. He is also a member of the Furry Writers' Guild and is published in the 2014 FurPlanet anthology Taboo.


A self-described "stats geek," Rob is also behind a series of well-received[4] posts on SoFurry providing more information on the site's history and the performance of stories and authors over time.

The research, aimed at helping other writers and site developers, is ongoing. Among other conclusions, he notes that the site has "posted sustained year on year growth"[4] but that with many more stories in circulation, "roughly half of all the activity you will ever expect to see takes place in the first 24 hours."[5]


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